Getting around town and touring different destinations has been made easy by bus hire companies. It is not only made easy, it is also more entertaining and enjoyable. These rental coach buses are simply a hip happening in this century complete with plasma televisions, dance floors and even wet bars for your enjoyment. Wi-Fi services and workspaces also add to the list, and if you are planning a trip as a team, then hiring a bus would be a great deal. Below are some of the reasons people are hiring buses for their events, be it school tours, weddings or even job-related tours:

Impress your friends

Everyone would be impressed to see their friends riding around town or hitting the road to a tourist destination in one of the party wheels or bus rentals. Just grab a gang and hit prom, football game or clubs in a stylish statement. You will be the envy of everyone.

Everyone is invited

Most buses can hold about forty passengers. If you are a big crowd, then there is no reason for worry because the entire crowd will travel together in style, thus making the “getting there” a much fun event by itself.

No DUI’s or DD’s

You don’t need to drive the vehicle yourself when you rent a coach. The bus companies have professional drivers who are insured and licensed to ensure that your ride is safe and full of fun. If it is a party action, everyone will join there with the assurance that they will make to and from their destination safe and sound.

See the best places in the cities and other areas

All drivers know the cities and routes well. All you need is to sit back and leave the rest to the driver to show the best areas of the cities and other great landmarks. You don’t have to follow vague directions or track down addresses in order to fulfill your dreams. You might be familiar with a certain destination, but not everyone in your team will. So, using a bus hire service means that even if you are in a foreign location the chances of getting lost are unheard of.

A door to door service

Unless you have a different pickup and drop off arrangement, the bus will pick you up at your doors and deliver you back to your destination. In the end, the driver will be there to whisk you safely home.

No logistics

Compare reserving a venue for an event with booking a single party bus and you will learn the later is a much easier option. You can even party all night or travel in style as you enjoy the environment around you. Whether it is a party bus for bachelor parties, birthday events, or bachelorette; you are in for the real thing!

Awesome onboard amenities

Most bus rental companies offer plasma televisions, light systems, sound systems and plenty of stylish seating. You will even find others offering beverages and snacks on board. You can’t afford to stop the ride!


If you like it, you can bring on food, alcoholic beverages, and your own entertainment. Just rent the transportation; the party can be turned into whatever you want it to be. However, you need to inform the company if this is what you want it to go.

VIP service

With these rental services, you will definitely forget the lines you do in order to get into the hottest clubs. Since the bus is leading the way, you can move to the front of that queue every time. Some bus companies do provide VIP entry to a club circuit.

No worries related to gas, insurance or other vehicle issues

Traveling hundreds of miles to the most popular tourist destinations will call for money, energy and sometimes headache if you choose to ride yourself. If you choose to hire a bus and travel as a team, all the above worries will be a thing of the past.


Bus hire services have different types of buses available to ensure that everyone will get something they can afford. And since you are traveling as a group, you will save a significant amount of money. The value-packed into any rental rate of a bus is unsurpassed. The ride satisfies all your transportation as well as entertainment needs, and when you do the calculation by dividing the rate between all of your friends, you will learn that the cost is quite affordable. All you need is to select a bus that can accommodate everyone on your team and what will be left is total comfort!

Twin Cities Party Bus has a wide variety of buses to ensure that there is something for everyone. We have everything you need. You can Contact Us any time of the day and we will be pleased to work with you!